On the urging of a devoted reader of mine (ie. my cousin Tyler), I have finally dragged myself away from netflix’s watch instantly, and the battle of the books reading list, to do something that I should have done a long time ago. Since I have been home, I have not very little besides work and feel sorry for myself, obviously the latter being useless, and a waste of time. I arrived to my mother and father at the Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage early in the morning on the 3rd, having traveled 12hours into the future, which took almost a full day to do.

I suppose that I should explain the title of this post. Alaszkában means in Alaska, as one of my friends mentioned it does look like a pun on Azkaban, which I wish I could say I had thought of first. I suppose that both meanings apply to my feelings about being home, it kind of feels like I am shut in now, with no escape, but in the end my logical mind just says that I am in Alaska, and it isn’t such a bad place at all.

Since being home I have had to adapt to many new things, a new house (a matchbox cabin), my father working 2weeks on and 2weeks off, and just readjusting to everything in general. After our large annual 4th of July celebration, I put my nose to the grindstone and got to work. This summer I have been working as a waitress at the same restaurant that I was a busser at last year; I have also been working occasionally at a local gift shop.

Its now the second week of my senior year, to make up for being gone last year I am taking several extra classes online (which are a pain in my ass). There is not much I want to say about school, as it mostly just bores me, and makes my miss my carefree days at csik ferenc iskola.

I could mostly just go on for days about how much I miss Hungary and my family, and friends, and the city and my room, and the food and everything, but I suppose that would be a waste of time, and I will try not to dwell on the bad. Returning home has been much harder for me than leaving was, but then again it has also been a little two easy to slip into the normalcy of my life here so quickly. Reverse culture shock is a bitch (pardon my language), but it is something that faces most rebounds I think. A bit of depression and emptiness, after a year of newness and excitement. Not that I am not happy here, its just that it is a different sort of happy, just normal happy, not the exuberant happiness of experiencing new things and meeting new people everyday. I am happy to be with my mom again, and to feel like I am moving on with my life, but I still cant help but mourn for my wonderful life that I had in Budapest, and the friends that I made.

In future news I am going to the fair this weekend, and next weekend I am going to my first rotary orientation since Ive been home. It is a sort of camping weekend with the other rebounds and the inbounds, I am quite excited! Our rotary exchange student in my town this year is a nice boy from brazil, he seems like a very nice guy and not quite as raucous as the brazilians Ive known.


2 thoughts on “Alaszkában

  1. Reverse culture shock was much, much worse for me, too. It gets better, but it might take a while. The great thing is that you really learn a lot about your home, your culture, and the “new you” that you’ve become as a result of your exchange experience. I always say that I spent two years as an exchange student– one in Germany, then a second year in the United States.

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