I haven’t written a knitting update in sometime, and so I am posting pictures of my current projects and my second wisp that I made while still in Hungary. Just a note to those none Hungarian speakers. Kötni means, to knit.
The purple wisp (pictured below) was knitting in February and March for my second host mother whom is still very dear to me. I gave it to her for her 50th birthday and I was very pleased with how it turned out, but nicer that my first version. (That may have been due to the fact that I didn’t feel the kindest feelings for the person I made that one for.)

Purple Wisp4, originally uploaded by saknicole.

This is the beginning of my Irish Hiking scarf, I am sure most people who use ravelry know this pattern. I haven’t done much with it, but pick it up sporadically in a fit of boredom, my main current project is the one bellow.

alaszkában Irish Hiking Scarf, originally uploaded by saknicole.

I am currently about half done with my Dark Illusions scarf right now. This scarf involves illusion knitting, meaning that the hidden design can not be viewed looking straight at the front of the scarf, but only from a side, flat view. The design is a Dark Mark from Harry Potter, which of course made me love it :) I have been knitting this scarf with my knitting buddy Michelle, which has kept me motivated, she is always prepared with coffee and cheer for our own little stitch n’ bitches :)

Pink and Green Dark Mark Scarf3, originally uploaded by saknicole.


2 thoughts on “Kötni

  1. nicole.. you know i love you but i would love you even more if you could knit the irish scarf for me…. a longgg one. you know how much i love big, long scarfs??
    love you

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