Rubik’s Cube Obsession

Rubik’s Cube, originally uploaded by saknicole.

I will explain my most recent obsession with an abbreviated and altered version of an essay I wrote for my weekly college writing college class. It was supposed to be a cause and effect. Just as a note, if my teacher Mr. M reads this or it comes up on, its me :) not whomever I savagely stole a rather silly Rubik’s Cube essay from :)

Looking back for the source of my current problems, the origin is fairly apparent. I bought a Rubik’s Cube a week ago; it has since become my downfall. Over the past week I have forgotten appointments, ignored homework, and have fallen into a state of Rubik’s Cube obsession.

I had seen a video, a tutorial on solving the famously infuriating Hungarian Rubik’s Cube. I felt a yearning inside of my soul that led me to drop eleven dollars at Toys R’ Us in Anchorage, I walked out with my first Rubik’s Cube. Just opening the package brought such a sense of joy that I wish I could unwrap a new Rubik’s Cube every time I was feeling down.

I watched a video on Youtube, a video tutorial on how to solve the Rubik’s Cube. I have listened to the guy’s voice from the video repeat the algorithms so many times; so that now when I perform one I hear his voice telling me the next step. For a week I have been struggling to memorize lengthy algorithms, strings of memorized turns that make it simpler to solve the cube. Each solve happens quicker and quicker, feeding my addiction better than any drug.

Needless to say this process is quite time consuming. Each day I have fallen farther and farther behind in everything, yet now my lack of productivity seems less important than it once did. The once darkly polished wood floors of my house have lost their shine. Dust and dog hair has accumulated in the corners boxing in the muddy dog and shoe prints now spot the floor. My dirty clothes from the week lay about the living room, mixing with the other discarded items that litter the floor.

The Rubik’s Cube has taken over not only my free time, but also the time I should be devoting to other much more important activities, such as cleaning and doing homework. Instead of finishing this very essay last night I spent my time disassembling my cube and rubbing Vaseline into the center to make it turn smoother.

I am still not very good at solving the cube, but it takes me about 6 minutes to fix it, so I am pretty happy with that. I haven’t memorized all the algorithms yet, and still need some help for the longer ones.

I am not really sure why I have become so obsessed with the Rubik’s Cube, maybe it is just like discovering another tie to Hungary that excites me, or perhaps it is just the sheer challenge of solving it faster each time.

If you don’t know the Rubik’s Cube is a Hungarian invention of Rubik Ernő (written Hungarian style, family name first). The cube first came out on the Hungarian market in 1977 and the American Market in 1980. Check out a cool Rubik’s website if you have the fever and need a little more Rubik’s fun…

Also if anyone is wondering the world record is Erik Akkersdijk of the Netherlands with a time of just 7.08 seconds. If you are interested in seeing the video of this than just click on THIS link :)

this is the first of two videos that taught me how to master that Hungarian devil. I highly recommend using watching them if you want to learn how to solve a cube..


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