Soproni Reklám és Szeretem Magyarországot!

So I am in a bit of a sulky “I want to be in Hungary” mood at the moment and have found one of my favorite commercials I have ever seen. I saw this commercial, for the Hungarian beer Soproni, for the first time some months ago while I was indeed still in Hungary. I loved it immediately. It is patriotic in all the good ways, it picks out the best things about Hungary. The things that their people should always be proud of. It’s the little things like the sarga villamos (yellow tram), that caused me to fight back tears as I watched this. I am sure that this was a very successful campaign for Soproni as it can touch that heart of an Alaskan exchange student that considers Hungary as my second home. If American commercials could affect me as much I think that I would never fast forward through them on DVR. Szeretem Magyarországot!


4 thoughts on “Soproni Reklám és Szeretem Magyarországot!

  1. Oh, I know what you mean… You know, I AM a hungarian, and I AM very critical of this country, and especially the people living in it, still… it is agreat country…
    One other great commercial, to watch, to not as directly hungarian as the soproni…
    Go search for Kaszás Attila in you tube, and he did the subs for a really cool Coke commercial…which was teh ebst coke commercial ever (beside the fact that Attila was one of the greates actors ever)…:-)

    • SOOOO AWESOME! thanks for the link! Hungary really does rock. My favorite inventions are the Rubik’s cube and Ball point pen…..awesome! plus it is a cool video because it shows some of the coolest parts of BP!

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