Green Leaves

Pattern: Drop Stitch Scarf / RAVELRY PAGE
Started: OCT 6th 2009
Finished: NOV 24th 2009
Made For: My lovely mothers birthday

Green Leaves1, originally uploaded by saknicole.

Green Leaves2, originally uploaded by saknicole.

I started my Drop Stitch Scarf on October 6 for my mom’s birthday, and luckily she has been patient enough to not complain that I only just finished. Knitting this scarf has reignited my knitting fever, so I hope to post more knitting updates from now on.

This six row pattern was very simply to memorize and mindless enough to knit during class.

If anyone recognizes the two lovely gentlemen in the first picture than they must be fans of Boondock Saints. I recently ordered way too much random stuff from their website and am overly upset that the second movie (all saints day) won’t be coming to Alaska, so I must wait until the DVD to see the awesomeness of it. Sorry for that tangent.


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