Sherlock Holmes

I am not sure if I have previously mentioned my small obsession that I have with Sherlock Holmes. During my Classics phase in Hungary I made my way through all the Holmes books, and was left one half hero worship and one half fan girl obsession. One of my favorite pubs that I ever found in Budapest was the Sherlock Holmes Pub (near Jászi Mari tér tram stop I think). So whenever I find something cool and Sherlock related I geek out just a bit. I just discovered a Sherlock Holmes online game, 221B, abound with mysteries and you can even team up with a friend (or play alone), your counterpart Holmes or Watson. You need a facebook account to play it, although it is not on the Facebook website. The game features actors from the upcoming Sherlock Holmes film. Which despite the obvious liberty the film makers are taking with Holmes and Watson’s characters, I am quite excited to see.

Sherlock Holmes Game, originally uploaded by 221B Game.

The game is very detailed and layered, with beautiful backgrounds and intricate stories. The player has their casebook to their disposal, to help solve the cases. All together a must play for any Sherlock Holmes fan with a little time on their hands.


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