Kimberly’s Chirstmas Mittens

Kimbo’s Mittens, originally uploaded by saknicole.

Pattern: Newfoundland Mitts / RAVELRY PAGE
Started: November 26th 2009
Finished: December 1st 2009
Made For: My sister for Christmas
Yarn Used: Black- Lambs Pride/Color- Noro Kureyon

I was going to make these for me, but after showing the pattern and yarn to my sister over thanksgiving I ended up making them for her. She is now the most knitted for person I know. I have previously made her a hat a few years ago, which she still wears, thus my willingness to knit for her again.

This pattern is fabulous, and the quickest knit I have ever accomplished. I just loved seeing the mittens develop, and the colors change. So lovely! I deviated from the pattern a bit to follow a few of wiciousbeasts tips. I cast on 36, and did the Zimmerman thumb, but other than that I followed the pattern closely. I am just so impossibly pleased with these, trying them on, they are comfy, warm, and stylish to boot! (at least to me :)


One thought on “Kimberly’s Chirstmas Mittens

  1. I’m so excited for them! And I love the hat that was made for me before. I really do wear it all the time. But I’m pretty sure that these mittens will be worn even more than the hat!

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