Alexander Supertramp Socks

Pattern: Techguy Socks / RAVELRY PAGE
Started: December 1 2009
Finished: December 21st 2009
Made For: My Cousin Tyler for Christmas
Yarn Used: Gray-ONline Linie 2 Supersocke Silk, Red-Cascade Yarns Heritage Solid
Needles: DPN’s US 2 2.75mm

I am really happy with how these turned out, and the speed I knit them in. I followed a different heal and toe from the pattern as frankly I could not for the life of me understand the original patterns wording. I feel more prolific in my knitting than I ever have before. In the past few months I have knit more than I have in the entire time I have known how to knit. I think I will chalk that up to my boredom of being back in Alaska.

They are named Alexander Supertramp socks because my cousin is an outsider from Indiana, and yet he seems to have quite an affinity to Alaska. Like Alex Supertramp he is rocking the granola beard and long hair and it suites him just fine. Luckily he is quite a bit less idealistic and quite a bit smarter than Chris McCandless.

So for my cousin Tyler I hope he enjoys some nice wool socks that keep him warm during his mountain man activities. Also a note, in the pictures the socks were modeled by my friend Pickle who has nearly the same size feet.


5 thoughts on “Alexander Supertramp Socks

  1. haha if it was the hardest then I would be golden. I am thinking of knitting some lacy shawl thing, but I don’t know- I am a bit scared…..

    Socks are actually super easy, at least the basic idea of them as long as you don’t add too much frillery. You could knit a pair yourself if you fancied it.

  2. Knitting needles would rather pierce your arse :-)))
    Socks are not difficult once you understand teh basic structure…
    But then again lace isn’t that difficult either…
    Nicole, make sure you choose something that has patterning only on one side (I mean only on every other row).

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