A New Year

It is a new year, a new decade, and the beginning of a important year for me. This last year has been a big one as well, but not in a way that I am displeased in the least to say goodbye to. I suppose the more exciting bit is that I am now eighteen, as of Dec 30th!


This brings the end of my years in High School, my first year of college, and the end of my 101 things time line. I am not sure what else this year will bring but I am excited to find out.

Some resolutions (aside from finishing my 101 list)

Lose 20 lbs (unlikely, but I will try to make an effort)
Make real viable plans for college
Save as much money as possible
Knitting more

For a bit of an update I have finally started to plan for the future by applying to college. Most likely I will attend the University of Alaska Anchorage, and study International Studies, but I suppose there is still a little room for chance.

Last semester I began college so to say by taking a single three credit writing class. I took Methods to Written Communication with several of my classmates, and my favorite high school English teacher as the teacher. College courses in my town are available through KPC or Kenai Peninsula College, with several classes each semester, taught by qualified high school teachers of other people from our community woodwork. This semester I have registered for two three credit classes. Intro to Literature (with the same teacher as last semester), and Intro to American Government with a teacher I do not know, but teaches at our local technical school.

Even with just taking nine credits my senior year I have been able to save tons of money with the KPC jump start program which gives reduced rates to high school seniors. Just seeing the bill for three courses has made my head spin and brought me to the harsh reality of the cost of my upcoming college education. Luckily for this semester I can use my sisters old books (as they are the same as they were two years ago, and there are only really two or three classes to take here a year) so I didn’t have to fork out around two hundred for books.

This semester which is my last in high school I am also taking a course which I have been interested since my freshman year. I am taking Photography, taught by that same English teacher I see for my College Lit class. In Photography we learn how to manipulate manual 35mm cameras, and how to develop black and white film in a dark room. My camera is a Canon T70, a gift from my lovely almost sister Kalani who use it herself in high school, about a decade ago. I am in LOVE with the camera and just learning to use it. I am on my first roll of film and my class will develop for the first time on Tuesday, needless to say I am VERY excited! With three free periods this semester I have plenty of spare time to shoot and develop.


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