It has been months since I have updated, not that nothing has happened since January, I have just kept putting it off. I have thought about what I could post about, about knitting (which I have barely done), about my reading (not much of that going on either), or just my life, but I just never got around to it I suppose. I figure I should post about my graduation at least, since it is a pretty big event in my life.

Graduation was on the 20th of may and it went well. I was nervous, very nervous, and I fiddled with my hair continually and I was convinced that my cap would fall off. I stood up out of turn and forgot to shake the school superintendents hand. Despite my nervous ticks, it went well. My favorite ladies from work came in addition to my lovely family. I exited the building to a lovely site, which was the boys of my family (brothers and father) shaving creaming and toilet papering my boyfriend Pickles car. What a wonderful family :) Afterward I went out with my friends and my cousin Sasha (and a friend of hers), overall it was a pretty good nerve filled day.

Since then I have been working as a waitress again at the same restaurant I have worked at for years. I am having a really fun summer, I have some awesome coworkers and my only sadness this summer is that my favorite cousin is off globetrotting in Portugal this summer, which is very cool, but sad for me. More of an update soon I hope.


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