Masters Of Teaching

It is March 14th and Anchorage has not yet made up its mind on spring time. Most of this winter has been extremely passive and strange for Anchorage. There has been very little snow and the mildest winter I can remember. It has been warm all week, much of our snow melting. This evening though winter has reared her head with a vengeance and a blizzard has

enveloped us all. I find this a welcome change even if I have been tempted by the spring like weather. It is usually winter for at least another month in this part of Alaska so some beautiful fresh snow now will make up for our lack luster winter thus far if it sticks around a while.

I am happy today not only for the snow thrashing outside but also because I have turned in my application for the Masters of Teaching Program at UAA. This semester I have been finishing classes for my B.A in English Education at UAA and have been taking foundational education classes for the MAT program. The official application was due today electronically  and on Monday I will submit hard copies. I am most relieved by my Praxis II scores which I only received earlier this week, leaving no time to retake the test if I failed.

In honor of passing of the Praxis II and the completion of my MAT application my darling boyfriend has bought me these lovely shoes I found on Modcloth. These Pencil Me In Heels are so cute and I can not wait to wear them! I will definitely post outfit pictures once I receive them. Their price is a bit steep at 109 but I hope they will be worth it!


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