First Day of School

Today was my first day of school, not merely as a student, but for the first time as an apprentice teacher. The teacher that I am luck enough to be student teaching with this first semester is thus far amazing to say the least. She is engaging, supportive, and energetic. I met with her first yesterday and she mentioned a kernel of truth I hadn’t really thought about through my journey to become a teacher. When we were speaking about me joining the first day of school she said that she was excited and reflected on why we enter the teaching profession. She said because we love school and the environment and how the first day of school is exciting for us as students, teachers, and life long learners. This is definitely true and maybe at the core of why I want to teach. I love school, and the process of learning. I want to always be engaged in a community of learners.

With my Master’s of Teaching Program I am assigned to my first mentor teacher through the first quarter (mid October) and then a second mentor through to winter break. The first semester is meant to be only about 4 hours a week in the classroom, and I am taking 16 credits at the university. The spring semester will be an intensive internship, all day in the mentor classroom and only one or two university classes.

The first school I have been assigned to is unlike any I have visited. It is an open optional school, k-12 and the most exciting and engaging school I’ve stepped into. The first two weeks in this school are used for optional intensive classes that secondary students are able to choose from. They choose one class and spend the two weeks with those students and the one or two teachers. I am joining my mentor teacher in a non language arts focused intensive called “21st Century Problems.”

Starting on September 2nd I will be focusing on a  9th grade composition class for this first quarter! I feel very lucky to have been matched with such a wonderful mentor teacher as well as the unique environment of this school.


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