Hufflepuff Cold Pine

This fall I have been knitting up a storm. These past few months have been the most prolific of my knitting career! It is a roll that I would like to keep going! Eventually I will make a round up post of all the holiday knitting I have done, but not until everything has been $_1gifted. I do want to show off some pics of my lovely Hufflepuff Cold Pine shawlett! A few weeks ago I ordered a set of beautiful interchangeable circular needles set! My Hufflepuff cold pine has been the first FO to come off the needles!

With the gift giving season impending I couldn’t sacrifice too much knitting time for a personal project, so I selected a quick and beautiful knit- Cold Pine by Caitlin ffrench. This was my first attempt at a unique lace pattern. Starting with larger needles (Size 8) and a worstedweight yarn (Rowan Creative Focus Worsted in Saffron) it was not such a scary commitment to jump into. I have made several lacy scarves before but they all relied heavily on the repetition of 10 rows or so, and they were easy to master.

15575623069_6c886ee6c6_oCold Pine however is different on each line and took a bit more concentration to make certain that I had the pattern right throughout. The end result after blocking (a must with both this pattern and especially with this yarn)is perfection. A perfect explosion of sunshine to wear around my neck just as the days are getting their darkest here in Alaska. 15613459999_aebb437828_o


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