Sassenach Cowl

15193148354_76d2b35cd8_oMy beautiful sister and fellow english, literature, and culture nerd turned 25 a few days ago. Not only was she my original friend and advisor she has also introduced me to a large portion of my favorite books, movies, and TV shows. A combination of two of these categories, books, and movies, encompasses my newest obsession with Outlander. This began this fall with Kimberly telling me that I must watch the first episode of the new Starz show Outlander in order to watch the second and all subsequent episodes with her. (First episode still available on Starz here!) Kimberly can usually be assured that I will jump onto any period piece or scifi show/movie/book bandwagon. A combination of these two genres in Outlander made it an instant favorite. This fall kimberly and I watched the first eight episodes of the starz adaptation and I took my addiction to a higher level reading the first three books in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series. Unfortunately the next eight episodes of the wonderfully engrossing and visually stunning starz adaptation are not going to be aired until spring time starting in April. One aspect of the show that I love is how many beautiful knits are used in the costume design. Kimberly as usual always has an eye out for her knitting requests (although she is a potentially potent knitter herself) and saw this beautiful and super chunky cowl worn by Claire in the first episodes. I immediately set out to find a pattern to guide me in replicating this cowl for Kimberly’s birthday. Lucky as I am to be apart of the amazing Ravelry community of knitter’s I found the simplest pattern from the wonderful Pollyfoofoo. Her Sassenach Claire Starz Outlander Cowl was posted free within a few days of the episode with the cowl in question’s first appearance. With the help of my dear Wiley in making size 50 needles, and two skeins of super chunky barley yarn, I whipped this cowl up in less than an hour. I finished it several months ago and was super happy to finally gift it to Kimberly on Sunday for her quarter century birthday. Now with about five months left until the final eight episodes of season one air on Starz, Kimberly will have to be held over with her outlander cowl, and I will continue reading the never ending saga of Jamie and Claire.


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