Exeter Hat

The Exeter Hat created by John Horigan is my favorite basic ribbed hat design that I have come across. I have made different basic ribbed hats before, but they all have the same flat stockinette top. This flat top is probably unnoticeable to the recipient non-knitters, but it has always kind of bothered me. The beautiful thing about the Exeter pattern is the ever so simple way that it carries the ribs to the very top, joining and arching them. I can not recommend this pattern enough as the go to for the man or woman that is happiest with a simply ribbed hat in cold weather. This pattern is also easily customizable for size and yarn weight. For both Jake’s and Wiley’s hats I used worsted weight yarn, size 5 needles, and cast on 112 stitches.


I am including pictures of the hat I made for my friend Jake for his birthday this last week. I gave it to him at truly Alaskan birthday celebration so brilliantly planned by his girlfriend and my dear friend Chandler. The small flat rectangle you man notice on the front of this hat is for the duplicate stitch I am going to add with the label JAKE in red. I see him weekly usually so I did not want to wait to give it to him before adding that quick final touch. Forgive the darkness of a beautiful november evening (still snowless though strangely). Jake’s Hat


I also made Wiley a blue Exeter hat for Christmas. Here is a few shots of him.





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