One Lovely Blog, A Nomination


The amazingly talented Josiah Bain from The Sock Monkey blog has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. His kind description of my blog was: “Alaska Knits: A knitter who loves to read and has a lot of really fancy degrees. She lives in Alaska.” A very true and simple description of myself and my blog. Even the hyperbole of about my fancy degrees, I like the sound of that! From his description of the Award it seems that I am supposed to list 7 facts about myself and continue the train of nominations in lovely blogginess.

The Facts

1. I am an avid reader, my favorite book is I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith

2. I have been blogging for seven years now! So many changes in that time, the only constants have been my love of knitting, reading, Alaska, and my blog title “Alaska Knits.” When I began blogging seven years ago I was a sophomore in high school setting off for a year’s adventure in Hungary! Since then I have also gotten my B.A in English and am working on my Masters in Teaching!

3. Like my nominator I am also quite the geek. My fandoms of choice are Harry Potter, Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, and Classic Sherlock (also bbc sherlock).

4. I love old movies, vintage fashion, and stockings with a stipe up the back.

5. My boyfriend and I are currently in the process of planning the construction of our future tiny home. (Walls to up put up fall 2015)

6. At the end of this year I will have my Master in Teaching and be certified to teach Middle School and High School Language Arts! Hopefully this time next year I will be completing my first semester as a full time teacher!

7. Crafting and DIY is an addiction of mine, and my favorite is knitting! I’ve been a member of Ravelry since it was in Beta, and has it been the best fuel for my knitting love!

For my nominations! I cut 15 nominations down to 5 as I have been a little out of the blogging the past few years and am not familiar that many blogs. These 5 blogs are certainly the cream of the crop! I will add to my nominations perhaps over the next few weeks.

No need to accept or decline but it you’d like to participate please do!

1. The Crafty Side of Life : Anett is my knitting idol. She was one of my first friends in Budapest and the core of Budapest craftiness. A talented and kind Budapesti, who blogs in both English and Hungarian so don’t be afraid to check out her blog!

2. Kimberly Reads: My sister, fellow English Major, and bibliophile Kimberly’s Tumblr. Everything a bibliophile’s soul requires.

3. Reisball: Julie loves Cats and other cool things, this is evident in her Tumblr

4. Eleven Stitches: A lovely knitting, sewing, and crafting blog.

5. Milliini: Knitting and other craftiness. All in Finnish, but great despite my lack of understanding.

Thank you Josiah for the nomination! Congratulations must also be given for the inclusion of his beautiful sock pattern Tauriel in the newest edition of Knitty! I can’t wait to have some spare time to make a pair of these!

He nominated me several weeks ago and I apologize for the length of time it has taken me to write this blog post up. I have been manic with finals for my second to last semester as a graduate student! Luckily at this point in my school career my finals are all long papers and projects, no threat of the dreaded high stakes final exam.


One thought on “One Lovely Blog, A Nomination

  1. Hey sweetheart, I just stumled upon this post by chance (bad, bad reader, I know)… Thank you for your lovely words, I am moved :-)
    How are you these days? I miss you, we were just talking about you the other day, in fact more than once… I had lunch at a shop called Szimpla Háztáji (a shop of the place you loved), and Chris mentioned Alaska for some reason…

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