Clemens Cabin

For three days Wiley and I enjoyed the hospitality of Clemens Cabin near lost lake. We ventured out of a warm Seward on the morning of the 27th and returned to a sopping Seward on the afternoon of the 29th. We returned early to spend my birthday (the 30th) with my parents. Luckily 1500 feet above town it was the snowy wonderland that we have been waiting for at sea level. Clemens Cabin is kept by the park service and available for reservations at 45 dollars a night. Propane for the heater is provided and the cabin stayed snug once the heat began to flow.


Wiley and Luna during one of our breaks

To reach the cabin we hiked up the very steep but pretty short 2.2 mile Lost Lake Winter Trail. It only took us (puppy included) an hour and a half to make it up despite many rest breaks. Aside from reading, cards, and puppy cuddles, I took a nice long snowshoe with Luna towards the lake on our full day up there.


Clemens Cabin from the top of the Winter Trail


During the winter months the winter trail from lost lake subdivision and the Primrose trail are used for snow machining into the hills near Lost Lake. Due to little snow cover on the trail and presumably similar conditions on the Primrose side of the trail we did not encounter any snow machine traffic though.

It was an amazing trip and makes me want to up my winter camping and hiking game!


Clemens Cabin


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