Dressmaking: McCall’s 6696 Shirt Dress

After the relative success of my first dress (I’ll post pictures eventually), I am ready to once again try my hand at dress making. I feel confident (mostly) in starting the adventure of making McCall’s 6692, thanks to the amazing tutorials from Mary and the Curvy Sewing Collective. I will definitly be using their full bust adjustment tutorial for this same pattern. One of my largest difficulties with dressmaking and even dress buying is the fact that my figure isn’t a standard size. I’ve read that comerical patterns and clothes are made with a B cup in mind, so given that I have a 32 HH bust ready made dresses and patterns aren’t exactly made for my figure in mind. If I were larger all over, then simply sizing up would be an alright option (which is what I do with store bought shirts and dresses), but this usually leaves me with a huge waist and baggy arms.

My measurements for reference are…

Upper bust: 38″

Bust: 42″

Underbust: 32″

Waist: 32″

Hips: 37.5″

Below is the lovely fabric and buttons I bought today for this dress! Hopefully I will have the pattern ready to start a muslin in the next week.

Wish me luck!



One thought on “Dressmaking: McCall’s 6696 Shirt Dress

  1. Huh, it turns out you are like me in more ways than we thought :-) Did you know that I am a learned dressmaker myself? In fact I just decided to get back to my machines this year and make use of the tons of fabrics that takes up space among the yarn and fiber in this flat???
    Good luck, I can’t ait to see the results!

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