Negroni Shirt

Recently I’ve taken a break from my personal sewing and try my hand at shirtmaking. After making my shirtdress I felt comfortable with some basic shirt skills like yokes, collars, and arms. I’ve run out of knitted items to make for Wiley (that he wants, I could make him much more but I don’t think a sweater or vest would get much use), so a practical flannel shirt seemed perfect. I chose the Negroni pattern from Colette primarily because it was the pattern used by the amazing Peter Lappin’s Men’s Shirt Sew-Along on his blog Male Pattern Boldness.


The only pattern specifics that I opted out of was the flat felled seams along the sides. I completed the shoulder flat felled seams without much trouble, but the sides gave me so much difficulty that I gave up. I zigzagged the raw seams and then tried to sew them down for an external look similar to the flat felled version. This however did not work particularly down the arm. It was so difficult to stitch up the closed arm this way that the line ended up being far from straight and even. Giving up though on this particular element did not damage the result. The seams look much better without and I’ll save flat felling for my next attempt.



Along the way I sewed a few crooked seams and often needed the support of my seam ripper. As this was my first full-fledged shirt I am trying not to focus on the less than perfect bits. Overall it turned out wonderfully and Wiley doesn’t seem to mind these imperfections at all. I also switched the buttons out for snaps, which saved time, involved fun hammer time, and Wiley’s preference.



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