Nicole’s Job Socks!

Several bits of amazing news. Most importantly I graduated with my Master of Arts in Teaching, and was hired to teach high school Language Arts!


I will be teaching 10th and 11th grade Language Arts in a town pretty close to my hometown. It is thankfully quite a bit larger though, providing oppertunities for bowling, fishing, and movie going. So far this summer I have been visiting my new school, and Wiley who is still in Anchorage. This summer I have forgone my usual insane work schedule and am only working four days a week in the evenings. I plan to spend my spare time hiking, fishing, knitting, sewing, and just enjoying the summer for the first time in years. Today I began cutting pattern pieces for a toddler size flannel shirt. More on that to come.

As for the knitting, I finally completed the lovely and simple Hermione’s Everyday Socks. Mine are aptly titled Nicole’s Job Socks. I began and completed my job search while knitting these. I even did a few rounds while waiting for several of my job interviews. I am confident in saying that they must have been good luck socks!


Above is a quick shot I took while waiting for one interview!



Finally for a peak at my next project, Hopefully Victorious Sweater. As I’ve mentioned I am devoted to the creation of a Victory Sweater, a vintage sweater pattern from the 40’s. Lovely, but poses a bit of an engineering challenge due to my chest size (42″) in contrast to the 34″ pattern. I am currently swatching and hoping to do this the right way!